Does Aluminum Free Deodorant Work for Young Athletes?

If you are an athlete or are the parent of an athlete, you know regular deodorants don’t always cut it for a long game or practice session. That’s why using a sports deodorant for kids can be amazing at keeping them feeling fresh all day. So, what’s the best natural deodorant for young athletes?

Youthsport All-In Non-Toxic Deodorant for Young Athletes

Our vegan, aluminum-free sports deodorant is powered by a shelf-stable vegan probiotic for ultimate freshness and long-lasting BO protection. Additionally, our products are gluten-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and never use animal testing.

We pack every order with exclusive sports cards so your athlete can collect their favorite players with each shipment. Additionally, a portion of all profits goes to local midwestern charities to help more youth go All-In in sports they love.

Why fragrance-free deodorant for kids?

The FDA classifies the formula for “fragrance” as a trade secret. When you see “fragrance” on a label, you never know what you're actually putting on your skin. The majority of synthetic fragrances are a combination of hundreds of chemicals, which can lead to irritation and safety concerns. 

Additionally, fragrances contain hormone-disrupting chemicals called phthalates. Phthalates are linked to reproductive issues like decreased sperm concentration and mobility in men and genital abnormalities in baby boys. Recently studies have linked them to asthma and allergies.

How is it different from regular sports deodorants?

Most conventional deodorants are actually classified as antiperspirants. Deodorants deodorize, or make your smell better; antiperspirants make you sweat less by using aluminum to block sweat from leaving the pores. 

Aluminum, or aluminum salts, dissolve on the skin and plug your pores to stop sweat. Most sports deodorants contain around 18% of aluminum for extra sweat protection. But as more parents are learning about the potential negative effects of aluminum in antiperspirants, they don’t want their kids using it! 

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